Quora Answer: How can people write so long answers on quora, thus torturing humanity?

Oct 18 2014

It is very easy to write long answers. You actually think about the question, and then you provide an in-depth and substantive answer. Which is worse, torturing humanity though ignorance or though knowledge? Torturing though ignorance is what is most common. This is when you give a quip answer that has no meaning. It seems easy but it is really just another example of nihilism. The nihilism builds up and you realize that almost all answers are superficial, because they only tell you what you want to hear, what is cute, what is common, what titillates. Then occasionally someone writes a long substantive answer to a question, attempting to make it meaningful. Sure it is painful to read it, try to understand it, and there is the danger you might learn something, but hey what the heck you can try anything once. And perhaps it hits a chord and you think about the answer, and maybe go so far as providing a meaningful response. And then something strange happens . . . meaningful dialogue . . . do you think it is possible on the web? Actually using the possibility of interaction to interact, to say something relevant, significant perhaps even meaningful to ones fellow-man (or woman as the case may be). You are right this is all too painful. Better to stay with being what Nietzsche calls the Last Man . . . blinking . . . blinking . . .

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