Quora Answer: Is Philosophy not for the layman? If yes, why is it so difficult for it to be simple?

Oct 18 2014

Philosophy is simple in as much as it is about our highest concepts like what is Being, what is Existence, what is Cause, what is Moral, etc. But it is complicated by the fact that there are just so many ways of thinking about these highest concepts from so many perspectives AND if you try to think several of them at once there are many different ways of arranging them, and connecting them, and justifying their content in relation to the content of other higher concepts that the permutations are endless, and the number of different philosophical positions that have been taken in history if not endless are a very large number out of which we have selected a representative cannon about which we talk because these are the deepest views that people in our tradition have come up with about these things that are different and map out the kernel of the space of possibilities that can be agreed upon.

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