Mirror.Me mirrored

May 16 2011


Mirror.me for Kent Palmer

Mirror.me for Kent Palmer

Mirror.me is an unusual service among many unusual services related to Social Networking. It gives a wordle.net like tag cloud of roles and important aspects of ones online experience. If you look at it carefully the first thing you really want to do is eliminate irrelevant words that are large like Professor in my case. It seems that they have a standard list of words and they are given different sizes depending on how it reads one’s online activities. But the interesting thing I learned how to do on the site is to search for both philosophy and philosopher in order to find the hard core people who are into philosophy. Like wordle.net it treats these two versions of the same word as if they are different and thus people how overemphasize that aspect of themselves have both of  them writ large in the mirrors of their online selves.


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