Quora answer: Can one, from his/her readings of Kantian philosophy, explain the concept of subjective ‘Space-time’?

Apr 08 2013

A certain amount of information on a subject is needed in order to ask a question. This question is either missing something or is confused. So I don’t really know what to answer or how to straighten it out. Kantian Noumena posits that there is an unknown reality out there beyond our experience of phenomena through spacetime. Noumena do not live in spacetime as we project it and experience it according to Kant. Even objective spacetime is projected according to Kant. It is not that there is some projected spacetime that is subjective and another objective spacetime, all spacetime is projected in Kant, and so that is why he says that Transcendental Idealism is the only route to Transcendental Realism. But at the same time the phenomena as we see it is exactly what is there, it is not that there is some reality out there that is different from what we see, but it is precisely because we project spacetime and then the categories a priori that we can see things that are real to us. There is no reality other than reality to us. Best source I know on Kant is the Bersteintapes.com lectures. I suggest anyone with a question like this about Kant listen to those lectures, even if you think you know Kant. There are a lot of bad interpretations of Kant out there. Because Kant is complicated and deep people like to make more or less out of him than he deserves.



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