Quora answer: Homer: Who were the Trojans?

Feb 16 2014

The secret of the Iliad and the Odyssey lies in the Mahabharata, which though later shows that it is modeled on the titomachia, i.e. the war between the devas/asuras or olympians/titans translated to the human plane. But what is interesting is who the “good guys” were is switched between the Mahabharata and the Iliad/Odyssey. Basically the Trojans are the Pandavas and the Acheeans are the men of earth, i.e. Kauravas, i.e. those born from an Iron Ball, or in the case of the Achaeans born from the earth directly. This is why Hector is the real hero of the Iliad. The trojans were Indo-Europeans. The Greeks were sea peoples with Indo-European mixture but with mostly Semitic heritage like the Phoenicians. We can tell this because their gods are like the gods of Cannan from Ugarit, and the only real Indo-European god among the Olympians is Poseidon. Helen was a goddess of Fertility whose possession was in dispute. She is said to have had 5 lovers like Draupurdy had five husbands, but in the case of Helen these were spread across the two sides rather than being five husbands for one woman as in the Mahabharata. The reason for the war is that the Trojans, just like all Indo-Europeans believed in marriage by wifenapping. So the fact that Paris took Helen when he was a guest was no problem for the Trojans. He had been given her by Aphrodite because he gave here the prize of the Golden Apple from Eris at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. So even tough we feel we should identify with the Achaeans, the Romans at least knew that we should be identifying with the Trojans instead. So the Trojans are Us (as Indo-Europeans, i.e. Westerners). Greeks are sea peoples with some Indo-European mixture, but of mostly Semitic background as shown by their Gods. Turns out that the homeland of the Indo-Europeans were Anatolia as seen in the fact that the Hittites had the oldest Indo-European language.


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