Quora answer: How do you define creativity?

Feb 18 2014

Surprisingly I don’t talk about creativity any more but rather emergent events. We psychologize everything. Creativity is interesting, but more interesting is Emergent Events at a given scope like given, fact, theory, paradigm, episteme, ontos, existence or absolute. Emergent events can come from  the inside or outside but they are things we do not control that transform our world. if they come from the inside we think of them as creative. If they come from the outside we think of that as happenstance, luck, serendipity, synchroneity etc. But what is important is that the whole world  shifted in some way discontinuously. Emergence was defined by G.H. Mead in The Philosophy of the Future. What is interesting about it is that future, past and present are all transformed. Even the mythos is transformed. It is one thing for individuals to be creative, but it is quite another thing for the world to be creative. The deeper creativity of the world, that shows us its face occasionally is merely interesting than individual creativity, and if we understood the deeper creativity of the world it would probably help us to have a deeper understanding of the creativity of human individuals. Individualism of our culture appears to obscure the phenomena and lead in less interesting directions for investigation of the phenomena.

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