Quora answer: How often did Nietzsche agree with Kant’s views?

Feb 16 2014

Bernstein in his taped lectures (bernsteintapes.com) said Nietzsche was just a good Hegelian. If that is the case then we would expect him to reverse Kant just like he did everyone else (A ruse practiced by Zizek today). One quote that stikes to my mind is an object is just a subject turned inside out. Zizek makes fun of Kantianism in Thus Spake Zaratustra when he talks about climbing the mountain until he climbed so high he had to climb on top of his own head to keep going to reach the headland above the world. Nietzsche did not believe in any transcendentals and worked hard to try to get rid of them and the result of this struggle was Will to Power and Eternal Return. By our will to power we create meaning in the world ourselves without the aid of transcendentals which are all illusions. Eternal Return is an ethical standard that does not appeal to any a prioris. So Nietzsche, affirms Kantianism by reversing it, just like he does everything else like when he substitutes joy for the pessimism of Schopenhauer, or when he tries to create a morality for the Masters when Hegel says that only slaves scan achieve self-consciousness. A philosophy of reversal only reinforces what is reversed. So although Zizek sounds radical he like Nietzsche is not really radical.


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