Quora answer: Is it possible to move into another dimension?

Apr 07 2013

We are actually in the fourth dimension already, we just don’t understand it due to the symmetry breaking that has occurred in our worldview. Existence is four-dimensional. Being imagines that there is a 3s-1t signature to our experience. The answer basically is that we don’t have to move into another dimension because we are already there in four-dimensional space and four-dimensional time. The problem is that our worldview does not allow us to see it that way, in other words we do not see existence because we project the illusion of Being.

What we have to do is realize that we are already there, there is no necessity of “moving into another dimension”. In the fourth dimension things turn inside out, and just as Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas everything will be revealed, it is the nature of Existence as four-dimensional space and time to reveal everything, this revealing process may be called manifestation.



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