Quora answer: Is this board OK? http://www.quora.com/nutcases

Apr 08 2013

In my opinion no. Ridicule for the sake of it should not be allowed. Each person should determine what they think of the people who are being singled out for ridicule. Although, what is happening here is not what I recently complained about with regard to my work being misused on a board. I am going through and marking everything not for reproduction in order to avoid this misuse, and I recommend that everyone who does not want their work misused on boards like these mark their answers not for reproduction, which is an unfortunate side effect of not controlling boards. However, it has been pointed out to me that you do not lose access to your work which is posted to these board so you can change the actual posts, or you can delete the original content. And I think that is what will happen, if people are ridiculed like this they will withdraw their material from quora, and it will case them not to participate, and it will cause them to mark their work not for reproduction, all side effects that are not good, and which are due to the poor design of quora, and the fact that those who control that design really have little idea what they are actually doing. Everything is just a shot in the dark it seems with no idea that this is an ecosystem and that there are many indirect ramifications to every design decision, especially poor ones that make board like this possible within the ecosystem. It is really a form of censorship carried on by one member against other members, it can be seen as  form of bullying, it is just like everyone here is still in highschool where there are outcasts. See ODD GIRL OUT. This sort of peer bullying should not be allowed, and if allowed should not be indulged in, and it in fact points to a character flaw in the person who set up the board in the first place who gets joy out of pointing out the weakness of others. The whole experience here on quora is degenerating, and this is just another good example of that. Welcome to Quora Highschool. You are either in the IN CROWD or you are an outcast, and we are going to make it painfully obvious to you which clique you belong to. Sickening if you ask me.



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