Quora answer: Should American English adopt the logical quotation?

Apr 07 2013

⸘Is there a question of Logical Punctuation

Then, I say without remorse, “Logical Punctuation would be good if it were really logical, i.e. with backward ‘E’s and upside down ‘A’s;  but to call British punctuation logical and American punctuation illogical is somewhat presumptuous, don’t you think؟ That is what we fought the Revolution for — freedom to punctuate illogically.”

☞ Personally I think [∴∃], “We should go whole hog and embrace upside down question marks and little guillemets {‘«’ & ‘»’} as well. ¡That would get their (∃!) goat! ¿Illogical is it? — to include punctuation like «commas» within question marks? Well, let me tell you a thing or two, or three for that matter. Your little colony has taken over the game of world domination. And we don’t listen to people who inhabit some measly little island off the European coast any more. Except when it comes to philosophy, and well, yes, also logic. Our ◊ logic of punctuation  as inclusionistic rather than being exclusionistic.  we want that little punctuation mark {,} in there {“…,”}, rather than out of there {“…”,}.  ∵  we don’t need your exclusive class based way of thinking, that always kicks out the little guy {‘,’} , and puts him in a different class. We include  little guy, and quote him then like any man on the street. Not your lat ti da elites, we are, are we? But down to earth swell fellas,  good Joes alike. But alack we must punctuate as we will, and we will punctuate as we see fit, and we will fit those little buggers inside the quotations, cause it bloody well suits us „down to the ground”. And what we say goes, in one ear and out the window . . .” when thoughts do grace me with their exquisite presence.




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