Quora answer: Theory or Experiment how does one chose?

Feb 18 2014

The fact that this is a choice that is real is a problem. One should not accept this duality within the duality. The first duality is physus and logos. In our culture industry is physus and academia is logos embodied. Within academia there are many subjects one of which is physics. But in that we see that there is again a choice between physus (experimentation) and logos (theory). Where ever you turn there are manifestations of this primary nihilistic dualism in our culture. The nondual between them is nomos, i.e. order, i.e. math. To bridge the gap you need as much math as you can bear. So choose math. Then insist on taking both routes simultaneously not just one or the other. Without the experiments the theory is just philosophy dressed up as if it were physics. Without the theory there would be nothing to disprove by experiments. Even though it is said to be impossible be a Renaissance man (or woman) and master both.

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