Quora answer: What is the most important book on political philosophy published in the last 10 years (or so)?

May 22 2014

Probably Zizek’s books particularly Parallax View but the other significant ones as well all work together to give an interesting reevaluation of Hegel now that Marxism is free from the Soviet Communist yoke. The first such book was Critique of Dialectical Reason by Sartre. Recent books by Fredrick James are also offering reassessment of dialectics in the face of Postmodernism. But Zizek has actually via Lacan come up with a genuinely new view of Hegel and if taken seriously that is going to make a difference in the way political philosophy is understood. The first big break was the political economics of Bataille with the idea of the Accursed Share. We can see the effects of that in Deleuze and Baudrillard. But Zizek uses Lacan and Hegel to drive the point home with a vengeance which should transform the way we think about politics fundamentally in terms of the blatant Ideology of our supposedly post-ideological age after a century of ideological warfare. Just because you have beaten all ideological foes does not mean Ideology has vanished, it has just gone underground because there are no other standing ideologies to compete any longer. Zizek makes the point that unconscious ideology is probably worse than blatant ideological discourse because everyone thinks they are free from ideology.

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