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Apr 08 2013

moving toward some irrevocable conclusion
through the disorder of the room
bearing trumpets to her wisdom
came my father, fitting groom

through the jumbled furniture of faces
he lurches out to her to scream
‘i’ve been hit, been hit by mortar scrap’
he awakes to find her spinning dreams

‘my books are in confusion,’
was the wizzar wife at rest?
‘my mind a shattered vessel
where words like jumbled sounds infest’

she folded up her wings and said
‘tomorrow,’ with a smile,
‘you’ll go out side the sun will hasten
to stay with you a while’

‘you’ll see me rise upon fountains of air
wing out into the mists.’
where is your darkling spirit?
where lies it, under brutal fists?

‘the place is in a shambles
with all the doors and exits blocked
i smell the gas and hear the firing
i feel the building rock!’

opus 76


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