Quora answer: What’s a good metaphor for a non-deterministic non-linear system?

May 22 2014

For the metaphor buried deep in our cultural subconscious, which I talk about this is my work from an ontological perspective, you might want to consider what I call the Negative Fourfold that is implicit in Greek Mythology as the opposite of the Positive Fourfold spoken about by Socrates and taken up by Heidegger which is Heaven/Earth//Mortal/Immortal which is associated with the masculine. The Negative Fourfold associated in myth with women in Greek Myth is Chaos, Night, Abyss, Covering. See Aristophanes The Birds for the classical locus of this idea, which also appears in a slightly different form in Hesiod’s Theogony along with the Greek requisite misogyny. For my treatment of it see The Fragmentation of Being and the Path Beyond the Void at http://works.bepress.com/kent_palmer.

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