Quora answer: Whither (or whence) “The Map of Time”?

Apr 08 2013

I just finished reading “The Map of Time” by Félix J. Palma

It is a strange book about multiple words theory with H.G. Wells as a time traveler.

I bought it for the picture on the inside cover. You should never judge a book by its inside cover. But I took a chance. Unfortunately this was a book like many novels with only one real thought.



The best thing about the book is this map of time. I was interested in it because it  coincides with my idea as to what Heterochronic time must be like. Here the map represents divergences from linear time that indicate multiple intersecting universes with different time lines. The papers are news paper articles from different timelines that say what happened along that time line. So here is the insight I see in the artwork. There is an interesting relation between times lines and writing that was the realization of Palma. Even if he could not really write an interesting story about it.

Different time lines will have different facts. Differance is operating between them creating differing and deferring in the writing about what happened in that particular universe. They all exist on different time lines with their differences.

As David Deutsch has said in The Fabric of the Universe the interferences between all the various universes is the Quantum Phenomena.

The heterochronic are the four orthogonal time lines that intersect in each time which has four orthogonal moments: past, present, future, and mythos.

We lost one moment from the symmetry breaking in the transition from the mythopoietic era to the metaphysical era.

Four dimensional Time. Four dimensional Space. The matrix of eight dimensional spacetime contained in the pluriverse. Each moment in time four dimensions of time and four dimensions of space intersect. But now we only see three dimensions of space and three dimensions of time. The fourth dimension of space is nowhere. The fourth dimension of time is the mythos.

Then we must ask whence the mythos has gone and whither the nowhere has gone.

Together they form a plane.

The cliff-face.



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