Quora answer: Why do so many Quorans hate Ayn Rand?

May 22 2014

Ayn Rand’s work is pseudo-philosophy, really a capitalist ideology raised to the nth degree. Perfect example of dogma which like Sartre’s work very propagandist in tone, in other words the characters only are there to express the ideas, and have no coherence of their own, a kind of pilgrims progress for the selfish individual in a capitalist society and justification for sociopaths which many CEOs really are. But this is old style capitalism, and today we have moved on to corporatism that is a hodge-podge of fascism, communism and capitalism all mixed together to form a monstrous brew, of the type that the three witches in MacBeth could not even dream up. Where is the new Ayn Rand for today’s corporatist globalism that the Republicans have sold their soul to? Surely there is a need for a new propagandist to update this worn out doctrine that sees corporations as emanations of selfish individual egos. They are in truth imaginary persons without soul or even any responsibility acting out on a global stage and destroying the planet while they are at it. In Ayn Rand’s day there seemed no limits for people like Hearst who as portrayed in Citizen Kane by Orsen Wells. Today there are only faceless company men bowing to these new gods with no egos of there own who justify the ravaging of the earth dividing everyone into shareholders, customers and employees who are many times the same people torn into these different roles. The time when there were individuals who became wealthy and then expressed their own will to power through that is over. It is like the American middle class, a thing of the past.

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