Telescoping Text Experiment: Listen to my story!

May 16 2011


telescoped text experiment

Listen to my story!

Listen to my story!

becomes transmogrified into

Please pay respect to the voices that scream in the remembered forms thatopen out beyond us only then to the finally loved and lost secrets of oblivion with the orphans of the that fastness just beyond the overtuning of the starsthat have sang at me of your signs and abase and remain blind if you will not behold our minute reflective beads of being running above the stolendarkness beyond the edgelessness of the pluriverse.

See this brilliant new art form and the modern equivalent of the sonnet.

Another example at by Joe Davis

He says . . . has just gone live. It is an extension of, and is primarily a set of tools for creating expanding texts in a similar way. The tools can be found by clicking Write in the navigation at the top. Texts will house an ongoing collection of selected texts. Resources provides help for using this website, and also any news, updates, guides, support and a Q&A. If you need further information or help, contact You can Register in order to save and publish texts, or Sign in if you already have an account. If you like what you find here and you want to help support it you can Donate.”

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