What is the difference between the reflexive social level and the autopoietic symbiotic level in the Special Systems Theory?

Oct 18 2014

I thought you would never ask . . .

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The key is that Dissipative Ordering Special Systems are intertwined to create Autopoietic Symbiotic Special Systems, which are then intertwined, or conjuncted, or juxtaposed to create Reflexive Social Special Systems. But also the Reflexive Social Special Systems are the same time are the juxtaposition of two Autopoietic Symbiotic Special Systems. The real difference is the difference between emergent levels that can be seen as the difference between the Quaternion and the Octonion, between the Breather Soliton and the Super-Breather, between the Klienian Bottle and the Hyper Kleinian Bottle, between the Perfect or Amicable Number and the Sociable Numbers. In other words the emergent difference is inscribed in anomalies in mathematics. So for instance the Dissipative Ordering Special System is equivalent to two mirrors facing each other, and the Autopoietic Symbiotic Special System is equivalent to Three mirrors facing each other, and the Reflexive Social Special System is equivalent to four mirrors facing each other making up an inwardly mirrored tetrahedron. The reflexive social special system is the basis for social experience, and the Autopoietic Symboitic Special System is the basis for Life while the Dissipative Ordering special system is responsible for the ordering of Consciousness.

See Terrence Deacon’s book Incomplete Nature which is an introduction to the relation between life and consciousness but consciousness is dependent on the social to fulfill its potential. In works on Autopoiesis and Consciousness there is normally a forgetting of the social context for these Emergent Properties of living things. Reflexive Social Special Systems Theory sees the Social as intrinsic to understanding our own life and consciousness. And it uses the theories of John O’Malley, Barry Sandywell, and Alan Blum and others from the Reflexive Sociology to augment the theories of Life and Consciousness, as well as using anomalous mathematical entities to organize our understanding of these phenomena and their emergent differences from each other. The theory of Autopoieisis from this mathematical point of view is incorrect and so we correct the theory of Maturana and Varella based on the mathematics and thus we call these systems Autopoietic Symbiotic rather than merely Autopoietic.

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