arabian Time

May 04 2011

by jinjee a designer · Jordan

This reminds me of DUNE more than Arabia. But interestingly enough the Saudis just erected a gigantic clock over the Kaba at Mekka, and thus somehow this experiment is apropos of that development, as my son says everyone will think Muslims are praying to a clock. The new clock is kitsch, full of LEDs that shine out across the desert, and it is now the second tallest building in the world. So what led to that obsession with time, that would cause the Arabs to raise time over the Kaaba to such a height. In your image it is 5pm, which is just after Asr before Magrib. Magrib is the end of the day. After Asr there are no more prayers. So we could lend this an interpretation, which I am sure you did not intend that we are in the end times, when there is no more real Islam because there is no prayer, instead there is only the inability to do the prayer between Asr and Maghrib. Maghrib is the end and also the beginning of a new day.

One hadith says “Do not curse time, because Time is Allah.”


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