Quora Answer: Are each of us really responsible for what we are, what we do and what we think?

Oct 18 2014

I think this is an age old dilemma which you are expressing as a dualism and the truth of the matter is in fact nondual. The answer via the Tetralemma is Free! Determined! Both Free and Determined. Neither Free nor Determined. In effect the tetralemma points to the reality of emptiness which escapes these four logical possibilities. In Old English the term for this nondual state is Dreeing the Wyrd. It is what goes beyond freedom, determination, both and neither which actually is what happens in our lives. Jung called it Synchronicity of the Psychoid. Heidegger calls it ereignis of Dasein under the appropriation of Beyng (Seyn). It is what was meant by Socrates when he said that there were more things in existence than what is encompassed in your philosophy, what ever it is. I suggest for further information you could look at my book on nonduality at Nondual Science Institute or other writings like the Fragmentation of Being and the Path beyond the Void at Advanced Systems Theory, Philosophy, Especially Metaphysics.

There is proof by logic with truth values and there is proof by existence. It is proof by existence that takes us into the nondual realm. As long as  we stay with the separated aspects of Being (identity, truth, presence, reality) then we are caught in the realm of duals and cannot see clearly the nondual which indicates the actual answer to your question.

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