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Apr 27 2011

All– I have created a similar service which is called but I allow 2500 words in a post, because it is hard to say anything of philosophical significance with short messages. We will see how 1500 words works here. There are a smattering of conversations about Philosophy here on Namesake, but quite a few people with philosophy in their profile which is surprising. So I thought it would be a good idea to have one general conversation about philosophy so that those of us interested in philosophy could get to know each other. I am interested in Philosophy of Science but from a Continental Philosophy perspective. I study Ontology, and especially as it tells us something about the structure of the Western worldview. I answer a lot of questions on Quora that have to do with philosophy. See…t-Palmer, then I post and a blog that reposts my messages at In general my goal is to facilitate more serious conversation on the internet and that might be possible at these new services like Namesake and Quora. It seems to me that Namesake is much like Convore where I tried to set up some philosophy conversation sites as an adjunct to Quora but no one was interested. But they might be more interested in Namesake because it has a design much like that of Quora. I find that Quora is a bit stilted because there is no actual interaction going on there, so something that allows actual interaction is needed like Namesake. –Kent

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