Quora answer: Can humans become gods?

Apr 08 2013

If we were to become Gods, then we would lose who we are, because we are known only to the extent we are contrast with Gods and we would lose our world that is made up of the fourfold according to Socrates of Heaven, Earth, Mortals and Immortals. We are in the time of the fleeing of the Gods according to Heidegger, and it is in our nostalgia for the Gods that have left us that we can think about becoming gods ourselves. We cannot replace the gods by ourselves within the worldview. I like what Morris Berman said in Coming To Our Senses that we have gotten rid of the predators and so that function in the world is now relegated to Traffic accidents. In other words we replace the ecological functions with something we create artificially and thus the world becomes degraded. The we begin to fulfill the function of the predator in relation to ourselves, say in War, Crime, Accidents where technology malfunctions, or is misused.



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