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Sep 11 2011


No one for a long time has written a book that encapsulates the worldview. Dreyfus gives some examples from history like the Anead, lliad/Odyssey, Dante’s inferno, Brothers Karamazov, or Moby Dick. He has a new book about that called the Shining Ones.

I have a fundamental handicap that I cannot understand how to produce a narrative, even though the narative is merely the inverse of the map. So although I know the structure of the Worldview, I have not figured out how to turn that in to a Novel. I started writing and Epic Poem of the last adventure of Odysseus (http://archonic.net/epic/index.htm) in order to attempt to produce a story that reflected my knowledge. I agree with Heidegger that Poetry and Thinking are intertwined but allow you to get at different kinds of depth. I tend to attempt to write poetry rather than narratives myself. But unless the worldivew is posited as a narrative then it is not possible to absorb it easily for others entrapped in that worldview.

So lets invent something. First I would like to posit the premise that Male and Female differ in that Males are oriented toward Space and Females toward time. And so the spacetime interval appears in human relations between genders. Now smith said that genders are a kind of a kind, but if you think about it we can see that in terms of category theory that the genders are actually modifications. Thus there are arrows, functors, natural transformations, modifications and fluctuations as the first five levels of N-Category theory. So one thing to think about is how the various relations between people, say a couple or a family or a group are conditioned by the various N-Categories with gender falling at the modification level.

Now the way that genders relate to the worldivew is in terms of the initiation ceremonies. It turns out that Apollo and Artimis are the masters of initiation for the two sexes, with boys becoming wolves and girls becoming bears. Now it turn out that boys and girls experience the meta-levels of Being in different orders in the initiation ceremonies, but the initiation ceremonies are complementary. See my Jung reading group presentation at http://archonic.net/jung_alchemy_presentation_2000_03_09.PDF and http://archonic.net/ago00v00.pdf.

It turns out that these sequences in the initiation ceremonies are the same as the sequences through life that the different sexes follow.

The story of Ariadne maps out the female initiation ceremony. Perseus maps out the male initiation ceremony more or less. Goux has described Oedipus as a failed hero who has aborted the initiation process.

So I think there is a story in that. But how to turn it into a narrative I am not sure. I can map it, but cannot temporize it properly into a narrative.

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