Quora answer: What are some good examples of the thesis, antithesis, synthesis process?

May 22 2014

This appears in Hegel’s Logic which is much more systematic than the Phenomenology of the Spirit/Ghost/Mind. The point is that there are really four moments. So at the beginning of the Logic there is Being and Nothing where “Nothing” explicitly means Buddhist Emptiness, i.e. existence. Out of that comes the synthesis of Heraclitian Flux, and then there is a jump to Dasein which is determinate being. This continues over and over up the ladder where each posited new thesis calls up an anti-thesis and then combines into a new synthesis.

The idea is that the Synthesis encompasses the Thesis and Anti-Thesis. This occurs by sublation (Aufhebung) which incorporates the conflicting opposites and rises above them but continues to include them. This method is designed to incorporate and include contradiction at each level into higher syntheses that solve the problem of the contradiction without eradicating it.

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