Quora answer: What do women dream about?

Feb 18 2014

Women dream about the Animus in Jungian terms which is the dual of the Anima dreamt about by Men. But the Animus is some male energy that is out to get them and they are repulsed by it rather than attracted to is as Men are by the Anima. Phantom of the Opera is a perfect example of an Animus story, where the Phantom is the Animus. For the boyfriend of the girl who is entranced by the Phantom she is the Anima, but he is not the Animus, the Phantom is the Animus. The only reason the girl is interested in the boy in the story is that he might help her escape the Animus. The animus inspires Terror in the girl in the story. But to the young man who is the boyfriend in the story the Phantom inspires Horror. In Gothic literature Terror and Horror are very different and it is Terror that the girl feels for the Animus which repulses her, yet fascinates her and entrances her at the same time. The older man who is the perpetrator of violence and seduction, and rape who is also trusted by the family and uses that trust to assault the young girl, that is the Animus. The feeling concerning the Animus is repulsion. The Animus like the Anima for men are archetypes but they are the closest and most powerful archetypes and thus they tend to show up in dreams more than other archetypes.

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