Quora answer: What is the process that takes place in our brain when we dream?

May 22 2014

Seems like you have a lot on your mind.

For my response, a tangent —  see Dreamtime: What is the Dreamtime?

What are all these ceaseless questions saying about you?

Being in an analytic frame of mind, I think it says you are not dreaming all this!

There is a nightmare lurking here, that your question might be classified by unkind administrators.

You apologize in advance . . .

For having too many questions . . .

What question, does your questions, ask of you?

Wandering around in a nightmare world called “Quora” with just so many questions on your mind, you stop. Should I ask those questions? Will the Admins chastise me? But I must know! Yet there are so many questions that need to be asked all at once. They spill out despite the rules. Despite what others might think.

But suddenly I wake up within this dream, suddenly lucid, and realize that this nightmare “Quora” is not real, but a figment of my own imagination. There are no others to answer this question, I must research the answer myself. I must read those books and articles myself. I must learn enough to answer my own questions.

But perhaps, just perhaps there is a nice person out there who will take my questions seriously. Who will realize that these are not just any old questions about dreaming, that I dreamt up. But specific questions that need to be answered for me to sleep soundly again.

Suddenly, someone posted an answer. It did not make any sense, but seemed meaningful all the same. I wondered in my dream, could this be the answer I was looking for all along, just not able to formulate it properly. Not able to articulate the longing for a meaningful answer . . .

Such is the dream your questions lulled me into . . . a strange dream where a plethora of questions and nonsequitor answers collide . . .

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