Quora answer: Where can I obtain a digital copy of the song Annihilation in Allah?

Mar 25 2012

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Habib of Morocco who died in the Seventies over 100 years of age who was a reviver of Sufism and Islam in his time from the Darqawi Tariqa. The following is one of the songs in his Diwan which is some of the most sublime sufic poetry ever written because it is very explicit about the nature of the Sufic path.

Annihilation In Allah
Oh seeker of annihilation in Allah, say all the time: Allah – Allah
And withdraw into Him from other-than-Him and with your heart – see Allah.
Gather your concerns in Him and He will be enough in place of other-than-Allah.
Be a pure slave to Him and you will be free from other-than Allah.
Submit yourself to Him and be humble and you will win a secret
Invoke Him with gravity and sincerity in the presence of the slaves of Allah.
Conceal it when He is manifested to you with lights from the essence of Allah.
With us, other is impossible, for existence belongs to Allah.
Constantly cut through your illusion with a pure tawhid to Allah.
So the oneness of action appears at the beginning of dhikr of Allah.
And the oneness of attribute comes from love of Allah.
And the oneness of His essence gives going-on with Allah.
Joy to the one who walks on the path of dhikr of Allah.
Believing in a living Shaykh who is a gnostic of Allah.
He holds constantly to His love, and sells his self to Allah.
He rises in the night to recite His word, longing for Allah.
And so gets what he seeks, of the power of knowledge in Allah.
Our gifts are from a Prophet who is the master of the creatures of Allah.
May the purest of blessings be upon him in a quantity as great as the knowledge of Allah.
And his Family and Companions and everyone who calls to Allah.





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