Quora answer: Why do people on Quora have no sense of humor for responses to questions that clearly can never be answered?

Apr 08 2013

Quora admins take themselves too seriously as thought police.

This is very similar to the question: How can Quora not understand the nature of Questions and Answers and still run a Q&A site?

Not having a sense of humor and not knowing what they are doing kinda goes together.

People who take themselves too seriously tend to over value what they are doing and not notice that they really don’t “get it.”

Another quirk is that we have people who are administrators deciding the fate of answers on subjects that they are not experts.

This is not to say that all the administrators are the same or equally fallible. But like Quora itself many are out of their depth.

And quite honestly it detracts a great deal from the experience of using the site to know that there are thought police running amuck somewhere beyond the scenes and never knowing when they will strike again.

The only good thing about them as far as I can tell is that they probably protect us from a lot of spam.



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