Quora censors the Art of the Question

Jun 16 2011



Should Quora Censor Art?
This question has been removed. If it should be added back, discuss this question.

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Don’t you get it. This question is itself art, pointing to art.

This arbitrary exercise of power by admins is not good. Especially when they do not know the area that they are making decisions about. An artist would see the art and see that the question is pointing to the art which is part of a real exhibition which is all about questions. Which is apropos to Quora which is about Questions. It is ironic that Quora does not get this, and backs up my point that Quora does not understand the nature of questions and answers. Which is unfortunate because that is their business.

I read the policy, and I do not see anything in there about deleted art or pointers to art. How do you justify your deletion?

Kent Palmer • 10:32pm on Wednesday

Just pointing to a set of rules does not mean anything unless you give a rationale and justify your action, which I see as arbitrary. Here is a series of questions for you:

  • Are you and artist?
  • Have you been trained as an artist?
  • What level of training have you had as an artist?
  • Do you understand Art Criticism?
  • What is your training in Art Criticicism?
  • What is the level of training you have received in Art Criticism?
  • Do you appreciate Art?
  • What kind of Art do you appreciate?
  • Have you been recognized for your ability to Appreciate Art in any way?
  • What is your level of concern with Art, and Art Criticism, and Art Appreciation?
  • Have you read Kant’s Critique of Judgement?
  • Have you read Heidegger’s What is a work of Art?
  • What books on Art have you read?
  • What articles on Art have you read?
  • What are your favorite Artists and Schools of Art?

After you have answered these questions then tell me is  http://are-we-there-yet.org/ ART?

Certainly the Artists think so.
Also the people who are putting on the exhibition think so.
And is it pertinent to have attention drawn to this art on Quora in topics related to Art? Especially since the crux of the Art has to do with Questions.

I submitted all my questions on Quora to this exhibition to be included in their exhibition.

What is the relation between Quora and ART?

Is your act of deleting this question a statement that there is no relation between art and quora?

Is your act of deleting this question a censorship of Art expression on Quora?

And if so who are you to do that? Isn’t it much better for the quora community to respond to this art as they see fit, especially since it turns on the crux of the meaning of quesitons out of context, just as Quora does.

Do these artists understand the nature of Questions as much as Quora, or better?

Is the lack of understanding of Questions on Quora nihilistic?

Please reconsider your decision to delete this question, which happens to also itself be Art and the included pointer to that Art (which is an exhibit concerning questions) because it has to do with the nature of Questions, and Questions are of concern to Quora even if Quora does not understand questions as I have mentioned elsewhere on Quora because questions have no context on Quora, just as they have no context in this Art exhibition.

Kent Palmer •  11:30pm

Seems they are going to censor the accusation of censorship too. 2011.06.19



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