Quora Answer: The Lord of the Rings : What makes Gandalf such a compelling character?

Oct 18 2014

We must realize that Gandalf’s real name is Mithrandir, which means that Tolkien saw him as being related to Mithra of Mithra and Varuna fame that appear in the Vedas as the Asuras, and which causes us to think who the other asuras are in the story. Asuras are basically Titans who are also equal to the gods of the Mesopotamians like Enki and Enlil etc. What is happening in the Lord of the rings is a Titanic struggle. In Mithrism a greek mystery religion indistinguishable from Christianity by Constantine, and which gives much of the form to Christianity as it is supplanted later and stamped out. Mithra was seen as the leader of the forces of light against the forces of darkness, and Lord of the Rings tells the story, much like that of the Hobbit of a small group that is weak that stands against great evil powers and wins in the end after great hardship. Mithra was for Tolkien an Indo-European model for Christ complete with death and resurrection.

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