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Oct 18 2014

What is the structure of the Western Worldview?

> Michael Fogleman was kind enough to ask “How are you going about answering this question, Kent?”

I have been working on the problem since the days of my first Ph.D. at the London School of Economics which was called “The Structure of Theoretical Systems in relation to Emergence” which was about how discontinuities, and thus emergent events happen in the Western worldview, such as paradigm changes (Kuhn), episteme changes (Foucault), and epocal changes in the meaning of Being (Heidegger).

Since then I have refined my problematic, somewhat and wrote The Fragmentation of Being and the Path Beyond the Void which is available atPage on Bepress.

This lead to the discovery of the Special Systems and the relation between those and the various kinds of Being that occur as a face of the world in an Emergent Event. You can see various presentations about this atArchonic.net, but also they are mentioned in my second dissertation called Emergent Design which is at Page on About.

Most recently I have begun to consolidate the results of my research in a book at bout the structure of the Western worldview. I am on chapter 10 of that now, but have gotten busy with other more pressing matters and so may not get back to it for a while.

In the current book the approach is to go back to the four civilizations that contributed to the western worldview which were the Indo-Europeans, Semites, Egyptians and Sumerians and to understand as best I can their contributions to the current Western worldview which is in terms of the existential that they have in their language, rather than Being which is only in Indo-European languages. For a long time I only studies Indo-European contributes to the worldview, but later realized that was too narrow an approach.

From the underlying existential basis of the worldview I go on to describe the actual structure of the worldview that I discovered, and then on to describe the field out of which it arose which I call the Pleroma. Right now I am stuck in an analysis of Hesiod’s Theogony as an example of the genealogy of the structure of the worldview, which I have found fascinating. This is a little studied work even though it is recognized that it is very important because it is one of the major intact sources of the actual structure of the gods and their unfolding and various dramas along the way.

I was taken off my track by writing a few books on Agile and Lean approaches to Software Development, and some research into Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra that I hope to compare to Jung’s Red Book. Having other interests sometimes precludes me working on the prime directive of solving the problem of the structure of the Western worldview. You can see recent papers on Agile and Lean at Kent Palmer’s Resume. This is a life long project so I don’t expect to be finished until it is over. But the current study probably needs only a couple more chapters and then I will be done with this version of the solution to the problem, probably the most far reaching of the various solutions I have proposed and written about over the years.

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