Quora Answer: What’s the difference between modernism and postmodernism?

Oct 18 2014

Modernism is essentially the idea that the new should supplant the traditional.

A good example of that is Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev where the word Nihilism was first introduced. I have been reading Zarathustra’s Dionysian Modernism: Robert Gooding-Williams: 9780804732956: Amazon.com: Books
in which the idea is that Zarathustra is the quintessential modernist position in which the idea is to ever create new values, and new value creators.

But many claim that Friedrich Nietzsche is also the quintessential postmodern philosopher as well. But as with all things it is easier to say when they start than when they end. I listened to a lecture series on Feudalism and when it came to the question when did Feudalism end, the answer was about 1850. Wow that means that Feudalism lasted a lot longer than we might have thought.

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